Thursday, February 16, 2006


I've just realized I've been terribly derelict in my blog-winning for Bloggintology!
As have we all, I think. *frowny face*
Just like any other made-up scientology-type "religion", we must do our part to convert!

(okay, the truth is I was looking for something in my archives and ran across this and I laughed just as much this time as the first time)


Mission: World Domination.

"We are pwn all your blog!"

The 10 Commandments Of Bloggintology
As set forth by our Blog Leader, Mistress Elle:

1. There is a Bloggintology God, and I'm pretty sure he looks something like this: :)

2. There shall be no other Bloggintology Gods besides this one. Well, you can have as many as you want, they can be real or that cartoon thing "Anime" that everyone obsesses about.

3. Never take your blog for granted, and spread some comment love~ DO.NOT.LURK.

4. Remember the holy day, which is on the weekend when you play the MEET & GREET game over at Michele's.

5. Honor your blogfather or your blogmother. This can be done by occasionally mentioning them in a post or by blogrolling them.

6. Thou shall not be a troll to other bloggers.

7. Thou shall not commit adultery, although I'm not sure how you would with a blog.

8. Thou shall not steal another's blog template.

9. Thou shall not bear false witness against your neighbor~PROVIDE LINKS.

10.Thou shall not covet your neighbor's post but feel free to pick up any memes you'd like.

Sign-up line forms to the right. No shoving, please, there's room for everyone.
And we won't even jump up and down on couches and make asses of ourselves in public.


We won't jump up and down on couches.
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