Wednesday, January 18, 2006

S-Words for $200, Alex

but first...
**Don't miss this opportunity to go catch my tenant doing something naughty! Hurry, before you miss all the fun!

DAUGHTER: "I have to tell you something, it has a bad word in it. The 'S' word."
ME: Okay...
DAUGHTER: "Me and Sarah saw the dogs doing the ess-eee-ex on each other. We just turned our heads and didn't watch."

(**both our dogs are boys)
And thus came our first real opportunity to talk about the S-E-X.
I should probably read up on it.
Sex, I mean.

It doesn't count as a Meme if you don't get tagged.
Or if you just make it up because you had nothing better to say.

5 Movie Quotes That Are OVERused By Me:

Okay, the first isn't a movie quote, it's from an episode of Friends...
1. "You don't KNOW! You weren't THERE!"

For every injury suffered...
2. "It's just a flesh wound!" (If this needs explanation, then there's no hope for you)

Whenever the opportunity arises, just because I like it...
3. "I just hate you and I hate your ass face!" (Waiting For Guffman)

When I get interrupted...
4. "So anyway, back to me." (The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen Of The Desert)

When someone gets the better of me (as if THAT ever happens) and I can't think of a good comeback...
5. "Well...DOUBLE DUMBASS ON YOU!" (Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home)

(no, I do not say the naughty ones to my children)(but I do think them)(simply out of bad habit)

5 Things I Do To Annoy People On Purpose:

1. Correct their grammar. Especially the incorrect use of I.
2. Use words (sometimes nonsensical ones that I make up) that I know they won't understand
3. Snap my gum loudly between my back teeth
4. Try to move my lips in sync with someone who is talking to me. (this is the most fun thing to do, plus it's the most annoying)
5. Deliberately misunderstand people and make them repeat themselves over & over.

I told you it wasn't a Meme.
That means you are not tagged.

That is all.
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