Tuesday, December 13, 2005

One the first day of Blog Christmas...

Well ain't that just the cat's pajamas! :)
My pal Mary has made me her FIRST DAY OF BLOG CHRISTMAS gift!
Mary, I'm honored...and may I say that you do indeed ROCK.
She's been on my blogroll for quite a long time, and she is always a delight.

I am glad to be #1 for a couple-three reasons...

1. It's always nice to be in first place.
2. My name gets used the most times.
3. I truly feel like a superbitchSTAR, like my girl Jules said.

Thanks Mary!

on a different note...

Isn't it sad when you really truly like a person so very much, and then they do or say something that you just can't seem to recover from and then you just don't like 'em so much anymore?

Forgive my neglect...I did not make it through my blogroll this weekend.
Stupid housework.
Stupid dishes.
Stupid laundry.

Will someone please get me a maid for Christmas, so I'll have more time for blog reading? Thanks ever so.

You ever think people are being deliberately stupid just to piss you off?
Or is that just me?

on the other hand...
Do you ever deliberately act stupid to piss people off?
Or is that just me?

**Please don't forget about my tenant. She said she loves people dropping by unannounced, especially when they say the landlord sent them.
Go see her. Please. Thank you.
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