Sunday, December 04, 2005


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Anyone else watch Grey's Anatomy?
Oh, come on, I know some of you did.

I have some empathy with Dory, with the preemies.
My twins were born at 24 weeks, and looked very much (identical, in fact) like the teeny tiny babies they showed.

I wish they had done the co-bed thing at the hospital, because my babies were frequently stressed. They did respond well to my voice and touch, and when their beds were side by side they did better.
So I did the co-bedding thing when they came home...but for purely selfish reasons, as it was just easier for me.

The picture below was taken in August of 1995. My son had only been home from the hospital for a few days, my daughter had been home for about a month and a half. They are six months old.
They are together in one little bassinette~so tiny! My son is the one yawning hugely on the right.


Two oxygen tanks, two apnea monitors (you can see Bubba's chestband that the electrodes were on)...going anywhere was a bit of a chore.

My due date was June 4...their actual date of birth was February 13.
My almost-Valentines.

Sweet. :)
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