Saturday, December 03, 2005

The best medicine.

I have (temporarily) jumped on the B/E RENT MY BLOG bandwagon, so please do me a favor (because you ♥ me) and go visit him. There's some funny stuff there.

And please don't tell my new renter about the bodies buried in the backyard.

My buddy Goody is looking for some beta readers. I can tell you from experience that if you like his particular genre, you'll love his work.
Go check it out!

"I love to laugh!
Long and loud and clear!
I love to laugh!
It just gets worse every year!"

Obviously I watched Mary Poppins recently.

So how do you laugh?
Are you a giggler? Snorter? Belly laugher? One of those silent laughers where your body shakes silently while tears pour out of your eyes?
All of the above?

Me too.

I have actually embarrassed people (and by people I mean guys I have dated that really have no sense of humor~but I'll come back to that) with my laugh, in public.
I can't help it.
Like Uncle Albert, I actually float out of my seat a few inches.

Mostly, I'm a throw-your-head-back-and-laugh-with-your-whole-self kind of person. It is deep and booming, sometimes.
Then when I get truly tickled the laughter becomes silent, my whole body quivers and my face gets all red and my eyes water uncontrollably.

This has also embarrassed 'people' in public.
They look around to see if anyone is noticing the crazy girl they're with.

I say HEY, if I'm not embarrassed by that stick you have up your ass, you shouldn't be embarrassed because I'm laughing. Consider yourself fortunate that I'm not laughing AT you~~I'll be saving that for when I tell my friends about our date.

Do you inadvertently smile when you notice someone else enjoying themselves that way?
Or do you just find it annoying?
Or do you sympathize with the not-laughing person?

Guys who do not get my jokes, however obscure they are, do not usually get a second date.

Speaking of dating (or lack thereof)...

At one point in my life, the looks alone were important.
So I dated hot guys...that were dumb as a stump and twice as thick.
That is not to say that hot guys can't be smart~I'm just saying I didn't find any of those kind. I am in Okieland, after all.

Then I thought I'd date the sensitive guys. The ones who could talk about their feelings.
That's all they ever talked about. Every conversation had to be deep and/or philosophical and/or meaningful.
No wiggle room for the absurd.

The only thing these two groups have in common is that I managed to embarrass both with...well...laughter.
The best part was that sometimes they didn't even know what they said that I found so amusing.

I'm beginning to think that the problem might lie with me.
Then I just laugh that idea off.
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