Thursday, October 13, 2005

That's right kiddies, it's flashback thursday!

But first...

Quote Of The Day

"The one day you decide to go commando is the day you rip the seat of your pants." ~aka_monty

Okay, on this day in history...
I actually had three posts. On one day.
Two of them were Memes.
I chose the third.
You can thank me later. :)

"I was thinking about it today...
It's funny, and a little sad...
But this breakup with Underdog is not going to have much impact on my life, really.

After all, I haven't seen him in several weeks anyway, so it's not going to be any great change to have him out of my life.
The only thing that is really going to be different is that now I won't be getting once or twice-a-week phone calls from him.

That doesn't say much about how our relationship has been going lately, does it?
So enough already.

As Julia Roberts says in the movie Pretty Woman:
"I want the fairy tale."

However unrealistic that is.

Line forms to the right.

So there.
Step up to the plate, boys. No shoving or you'll have to move to the back of the line.

The line formed was much too long, so I just closed the ticket window. Temporarily.
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