Sunday, October 09, 2005

The current Meme going around...

But first...

I have been called Monty for so long that I almost introduced myself that way the other day.
No, it is not my real name. Not even close. :)

Quote Of The Day

"A day without music is a day wasted."

And now....The Meme.

The 5th sentence from my 23rd post (I went all the way back to my REAL 23rd post, on LJ)

"I'm not superstitious, so I don't want to blame it on Friday the 13th...but I can tell you that if Jason Voorhees showed up at my door today, I wouldn't bat an eye~~I'd invite him in for coffee and a nice chat."

Luckily Jason didn't put it to the test. He was a no-show.
It was a pretty good day, all things considered.
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