Thursday, July 14, 2005

Was my face red!

Okay, so today at work I'm creating a listing for some western footwear...
...and evidently typed this as part of the title:
Vintage Poots

I also managed to create a listing for a Patchword Skirt

Luckily I caught them both before they launched on eBay.
But I must admit that a tiny, snickery part of me wishes I hadn't.

Jason Alexander is on my short list of "People who annoy me so much I want to put my eyes out with a pointy stick".

I say short list...but it seems to grow longer every day.

If someone were to send me the new Harry Potter book, I wouldn't complain.

However, since payday was today, this weekend I will be indulging myself and getting a new book or three.
That's my payday treat. I may have holey undies, but by damn I'll have something good to read.

Any recommendations? Quickly now. Before I shop. :)

I. am. so. effing. fat.
I can't stand it. AND I can't seem to find the motivation to keep dieting & stuff.
I weigh about 15 (or so) pounds more than I did this time last year! Gah.
Of course, at this time last year I was dating Underdog, so I guess I was more able to stay motivated then.
Or else maybe it was all the wild monkey sex that kept the weight off.

I will be starting a NEW diet & exercise program at exactly...

...some point in the foreseeable future.
Yeah, I'll be sure to let you know when the great day arrives. ;)

Guest Post Tomorrow...or maybe the next day.

It has been a terribly long work-week for me, but I'm off tomorrow so I will be catching up on my blog reading. Be on the lookout for me.

Please have coffee. And cookies. Or maybe ice cream.

That is all.
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