Monday, June 06, 2005

And now...a brief intermission OR Random Brain Dump

Seriously, I have to dump this shit from my mind in order to make way for new shit.

"Have you noticed that their stuff is shit and your shit is stuff? God! And you say, "Get that shit offa there and let me put my stuff down!"~~George Carlin

Should I be concerned?

as I was telling my friend on the phone the other night...*wink wink* (you know who you are)...

I had to blow the dust off my *silver bullet. Although mine is actually gold in color.

And now I've started making excuses to it.

"Are you sure we shouldn't be conserving your batteries? What if the electricity goes out and I need them for the flashlight?"

"Boy, am I tired! *yaaaaaaaaaaawn*"

"Maybe tomorrow, I have a headache right now and I'm all out of aspirin."

"How come I always have to do all the work and you just get to lay there?"

"The kids might wake up and come in here."

Next week I'll probably start picking fights with him so he'll sleep under the bed.

Someone in Minnesota googled aka monty...and spent 4 hours here.
I certainly hope they were entertained.
And I didn't even have to do my (in)famous strip tease.

Of course, had I done that, they'd surely have spent a lot less time here.

Whoever you are, please uncloak yourself from stealth mode and leave me a comment.
I'm sure by now you've got something to say to me. :)

I once had a dream, when I was but a lass, that I looked like John Denver. Only the round glasses appeared to be orange halves.
Perhaps I should seek intensive therapy, yes?

And this Meme from Brandie's...

Don't pull any punches now. I expect better from you people.
(and in case you didn't know...SHANNON=aka_monty, aka_monty=Shannon. Two voices, one head)

I ____Shannon.

Shannon is ____.

Shannon thinks a lot about _______.

When I think of _________, I think of Shannon.

If I were alone in a room with Shannon, I would _______.

I think Shannon should _____.

Shannon needs ______.

I want to ____________ Shannon.

If I could describe Shannon in a word: _______.

Guest posts to resume tomorrow....
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