Sunday, February 13, 2005

Thought Process

Okay, let's play a game! I know it won't be nearly as much fun as Michele's or Janet's, but then again, I'm not as creative as they are.
You can touch-type, yes? With your eyes closed? Good. Don't worry, we won't hold those typos against

I'm interested in how people's minds work.
So we're going to play the "Stream-of-Consciousness" game.

Sit back, close your eyes, and think of one specific thing. Type it (either in the comments here-GOOD, or on your own blog-ALSO good, but let me know so I can come & see)...then let your mind drift, and see where that thought takes you. Type as you go.

C'mon, all the cool kids are doing it.

I'm going to multi-task and try to smoke my death-tube whilst my eyes are closed and I type & think at the same time. Now THAT'S a challenge.

MY computer is home!/I love my computer/I missed it/computers/computer science/I really need to work on html/learn css/maybe take a class/I need a new job/get resume together/'s laughter/I love my daughter's laugh/sounds like a chipmunk/my son's is a deep belly-laugh/makes me laugh/need to go work outside since it's sunny/fill in the holes the dogs have dug/my sweet doggies/smelly, need a bath/its hard to find the ashtray when your eyes are closed/but a perfect time to fantasize/Norman/valentine's day/urgh, now I feel lonely/no valentine this year/I miss Underdog/maybe..../but probably not/but he might call again/let go & let God/should've gone to church this morning/lazyass/need to put the laundry in the dryer/wash dishes/my arse is numb from sitting at the computer/need to decorate the birthday cake/screw dieting/but I've lost an inch in my waist & hips so far/go ME!/celebrate with cake/tomorrow IS anothah day/bleurgh, work tomorrow/customers/dipshits/ooo, Friday school is out so I'll get an extra day off work/THREE DAY WEEKEND!/WHERE is that effin' ashtray?/I think I just dumped ashes into my coffee cup/oh well, it was cold/blogblogblog/I love blogging/reading people's lives/nosy? yes, definitely/sounds like a magic 8-ball answer/lovelife? nonexistant/hope? ask again later

Now that, my friends, is brain soup.
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