Saturday, February 26, 2005

Say WHAT?!

But first...
Did anyone else catch the "Stars Without MakeUp" on FOX Thursday night? I was told that some of the celebrities tried to prevent this show for airing, saying that it 'de-humanized' them. To me, I think it only made them appear to be more human to the unwashed masses. To see a hot celebrity sporting cellulite, droops & bulges, wrinkles & bags...only makes me love them more. Celebrities, you're real people too. Why be so afraid to show that you actually carry your own groceries? (except of course for you, Rosie)

I came across this at Cam's place (where I always find the latest scoop!) and 'borrowed' it in order to give my fellow and favored bloggers the chance to sound off.
I think it goes a long way in proving The Doctors' point that intelligent people are idiots too.

To see the complete article, click HERE. It's worth a look.

Cam says...
Not the watermelon-smashing Gallagher. Conservative talk-show host Mike Gallagher went off on the blogs on his show the other day.

He said that bloggers are a bunch of "geeky losers in their basements cranking out crap on a computer" and that blogging provides "power for freak-shows to harass and destroy individuals."

"I am worried about this trend of legitimizing bloggers," Gallagher said.

He then went on to reveal his ignorance of how blogs work by saying that bloggers send out "thousands and thousands" of emails to people whether they like it or not.

Gallagher continued, "I am not enamored with the bloggers... I think it is a breeding ground for a lot of bad, bad things."

Gallagher stated what really bothers him about blogging is that "anybody can do it."

So, whatchall think? Ready to step up on the soapbox (sorry, the one I have actually is a soapbox, Tide to be exact, so you'll have to step carefully and take turns). But I'm very interested in what you have to say.

By the way, although I am sort of a geek, my basement is way too small and damp to accomodate my computer. It is strictly "Tornado Warning" Use Only. And while I do frequently harass individuals, I believe I have yet to actually destroy anyone. I do dream about it, though. And never once have I sent out thousands and thousands of e-mails...I'm far too lazy.

Ready? Set? GO!
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