Monday, January 24, 2005

A quick HEY HOWDY HEY to my friends and neighbors

The darkest of times is made marginally more bearable when you're having a really good hair day.~~aka_monty

Ain't THAT the truth.

Should have some word on my silly ol' puter in a few is now all in the hands of the professionals. I have a picture in my head of the computer doc walking out to me in a waiting room, his scrubs all covered in ink, grease, and metal chips, with a terribly grave look on his face.
"I'm sorry, there was nothing we could do. We were too late."


ANYHOO. Out of the doldrums.

Sometimes I feel like everyone else is an 'extra' in that long running hit movie, The World According to Shannon (oh, SHANNON=ME, for those of you not in the know).
I don't mean that in a bad's sort of like the guy in the red shirt on the old Star Trek series (yep, I'm a trekkie...*sigh*). Y'know, the guy that you see for the first time EVER as they beam down to the planet, and you just know that you're never going to see him again...he'll be the first one eaten by the monster, heroically saving the Captain's (or Spock's, or Bones', or Scotty's) life in the process.

What I mean is, there are SO many people who have touched my life in so many ways, albeit fleetingly. Some of them I wish had settled in for the long haul. Did you ever think about them, those people who flit into your life, and then flit out just as quickly? Leaving behind an almost-memory...more a feeling, I guess. I was thinking about that today. People who've helped me for nothing in return, with nothing to gain. Who've been good to me for no particular reason. Given me a smile on the street when I was in the middle of a bad day.

It made me realize how often I have relied upon the kindness of strangers.

And how very often those strangers have come through for me, in one way or another.

Then it occurred to me that I want that. To be...remembered, I guess I mean. Oh, not for any philanthropy, or martyrdom, or good deeds, necessarily...just for warmth, maybe. I want to leave that feeling behind.

Gah, that sounds a bit selfish and self-centered, dunnit? But I don't mean for it to.
I don't want to be forgotten. So, if by some chance I've ever done a nice or decent thing for you...give me a fond thought every so often, would you? Thanks. I'll do the same for you.

Now, on another note...
My poor little guy is sick today, and had to stay home from school. SO...
I let my daughter walk to school by herself for the first time.

Does it make me overprotective that I had her call me when she got to school so I'd know she made it okay?
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