Monday, January 03, 2005

Monday Monday. Can't trust THAT day.

So, is it really sad and/or pathetic that the first thing I do upon returning home from work is head for the computer?

I'd really like to know who's stupid idea it was to start a diet AND cut back on the smokes on the same day! Oh, wait...*blush*
Gah. NOT one of my better thoughts, I can tell you.
Whoops. You caught me. I was SUPPOSED to start yestidday...but *sigh*, I figured WHAT THE HELL? It's Sunday. Let me enjoy my weekend.

I think my biggest problem is the grazing (yuk-yuk-yuk, save the jokes. MOO freakin' MOO). Y'know, being around food all day, a potato chip here, a cracker there, a taste of chili, a slurp of stew...and so on and so forth.

I did pretty well today. I made a nice salad with grilled chicken and jalapenos. YUM.
(Okay, I realize I'm slipping into the 'boring blog' world now~~on to something else)

I am trying VERY hard not to smoke. I've discarded all ashtrays as well. The worst part is when I'm sitting here at the computer, that's when I just want to light up.

OKAY~~not thinking about it.

Hey, when a good song comes on the radio, do you ever get up & dance around & sing & pretend you're a backup singer for whomever is singing at the time?

Yeah, me neither. *shifty eyes*

I was just askin'.

I feel completely witless, and not clever at all today.

So I think I'll stop whilst I'm ahead. Or nearly so.

Please disregard today's post in its entirety, as it has no redeeming value whatsoever.

Quote of the day: "Love means never having to say 'Excuse me' when you fart."
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