Saturday, January 29, 2005

I love you, you love me, we're a happy family...

Couple things.
The BAD news: I have been flat-on-my-back-dog-ass-sick for the last three days. I finally got up today, as I have an irrational fear of getting bedsores. *shudder*
The WORSE news: My computer evidently has a virus still skulking around inside it somewhere, hiding, and it doesn't want to come into the light.
The WORST news: My hard drive is going to have to be completely wiped. Gah.

I went to try to catch up with the Scavenger Hunt over at Michele's Place, and I can't even figure out which clue is for my blog. I blame it on the NyQuil.

As a mom, I am naturally quite observant. My observations this weekend inspired the following...


Booger on the end
of a finger, so sticky;
Can't flick it off? SNACK!

Yeah, don't gag like you've never done it.

When I had the honour of being the Site of the Day, one person commented about my blog: "It's all over the place, but I like it."
I think that is an accurate summation of my life. ;)

NOW, ON WITH THE SHOW! (The Daily Bitch, that is)

Recently I had occasion to dine with some friends of mine, and some friends of theirs. All couples (save li'l ol' me), and all of us parents.
Somehow, some way, the conversation turned to children's TV programming. Quite naturally, that led us to that most-hated of all villains, that giant purple dino named Barney.
O Loathsome Creature! they cried. We Do NOT permit our youngsters to watch BARNEY!
Why? Well, let me just clue you in to some of the messages that vile scoundrel is imparting to our kids' impressionable young minds!!!
Taking turns
Good Dental Hygiene
Acceptance of others, regardless of disability or race.

Heaven forfend!
There oughtta be a law!!

I think it's become the "IN" thing to hate Barney. Funny thing is, no one can give me a good reason to dislike him so..."He's STUPID!" they say, without fail. "He's annoying!"
Why is that? Because you feel as though a big fake dino could be a better role model than you? Got a guilty conscience??? hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm?!?
He probably does seem a little annoying to you...but then again, you're not a first grader, are you?

Tell there something fundamentally stupid about your children learning good values at an early age? When they're most likely to be affected by it?
OH, but wait, yeah, you're the one who's 7 year old daughter already has bleached blonde hair, who already knows how to tell Wal-Mart clothing from The Gap or Old Navy (I actually KNOW this person).
So you're right, maybe Barney doesn't offer the right value set for your youngster. Maybe that's why you hate him so much.

Sorry, but I ride a horse of a different color. Barney, Sesame Street, and Mr. Rogers (R.I.P., Fred) are in our daily lineup. And without bias, without prejudice, and in the words of many acquaintances & daughter is the most mannerly child they've ever met. Thoughtful, too.

But you know, all those Barney-Haters may have a point.
Perhaps my children should've spent their time watching superbly wholesome and educational shows like ElimiDate. Or The Osbournes. Maybe a little Jerry Springer.

Yeah, that's the ticket.

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