Tuesday, December 28, 2004

A few of 'me thinks'

Sometimes when I'm doing a chore which requires very little actual brain-power (such as sweeping, or chopping vegetables, or driving a car..;) ), my mind tends to meander. In case you were wondering (which I'm quite certain you weren't), here are the thinks that I...think.


...why 'deceit' rhymes with 'receipt'? What's that P all about, anyway??

...why 'tow' sounds like 'toe' but not 'cow' or 'how'? Or 'sow' and 'sow' rhyme with 'now' and 'hoe'....

...who thought up the names for colors? Like blue. What if the sky were chartreuse? Tho' it would seem normal if that was the way of things, wouldn't it?

...why men (and women) give names to penises? After all, my breasts don't have names...

...why puppies have such yummy breath, but kittens don't?

...why we can put a man on the moon but we can't seem to make a stapler that doesn't jam up?

...why some of the people who emigrate to the US from foreign countries are the first ones to bad-mouth us?

...why orange peels taste nasty to eat, yet they are used in many delicious recipies?

...why the advent of women's lib did nothing for some women except make them lazy?

...who first thought of boiling tea leaves? And why?

...how microchips really work?

...how IMAGES can be transmitted via telephone lines...blows my mind to try & wrap my brain around the concept of how a fax works.

...if Adam & Eve were the first 2 people...are we all inbred? How exactly did that work? They had three sons and no daughters...

...how you could learn to read minds? COOL, huh?

...if you can do self-hypnosis...how do you bring yourself OUT of it if you're hypnotized?

...whoever thought that putting peanut butter & jelly together would be such a delicious treat?

...who thought up the concept of a toothbrush?

...who was the first person who saw cow teats and thought "YUM OH! DELICIOUS DRINK!"?

...what you'd do if you won the lottery? (one of my favorite fantasies, by the way)
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