Monday, January 16, 2017

An Advice Column

If you only knew how many times per week I think - I should write something on my blog! And then I go and turn a post into a Twitter reduction and pour the glaze on Facebook.
So my friend Neil of Citizen of the Month mentioned that he wanted to get back to regular blogging, at least once a week, just to basically reclaim the space. Then Melissa of Stirrup Queens said that she has a small group of people doing a thing called #MicroblogMonday, again, to take back our little space on the web.
I'm not much of a bandwagoner most of the time but since this happens to be something I was thinking of anyway...
Although in all fairness and honesty I tried 30 days of blogging (last year? year before? 5 years ago?) and failed miserably. But hope springs eternal and all that so here we are again.
That's more than enough for a year's worth of once-a-week posts and I wouldn't even have to come up with anything new. Except some of those drafts are like....5-6 years old and wouldn't make much sense if I posted them now. So probably I will because it will make me laugh.

This draft is quite old and was clearly waiting on more inspiration but HEY, we work with what we gots.

Don't be that person who is so self-involved and self-centered that *your* problems are the only "real" problems and everyone else's are just petty annoyances.
Because eventually, nobody likes that guy.

Don't let your problem be that you listen to everyone tell you what your problem is.

Don't confuse 'muscles' for 'mussels' unless you want a weird looking partner or a completely disgusting non-seafood dish. #SpellingMatters

Don't be a know-it-all. People often love a wise-ass, but rarely like a know-it-all.
I should know. I know all of the things. Which is, of course, quite a different thing altogether.

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