Monday, February 02, 2015

Gonna wash that [gray] right out of my hair...

**Stuff I have to say: I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes. MY REVIEWS ARE MY OWN.

I'm not one to get too fussed about hair and coloring and cutting - except that time this girl was so completely NOT PAYING ATTENTION to anything except how angry she was at the previous customer (side note: NEVER ALLOW AN ANGRY HAIRDRESSER TO CUT YOUR HAIR NEVER EVER EVER) that I ended up with haircut that caused my dad to introduce me as his son Randy.
Although in fairness it did look pretty cute once it had grown out about an inch or so.

My natural hair color is blondish -- the shades have varied over the years depending on how much time I've spent outside in the sun. I did use lemon juice to streak it when I was young, I admit.

I colored my hair red once, but the shade blended so well with my regular color that it didn't look a whole lot different. Except of course when my hair was wet, then it was Ronald McDonald hair.
When I hit 40 though, practically overnight my hair went dark blond with lots of red and mousy brown...yes, just in time for the gray sprinkled throughout to really show up.
Since then it has gotten steadily darker over the years, so when Influenster offered me an opportunity to color my hair, I thought why not? 

They offered me about 4 selections - to be honest, I *almost* chose the black because I have always wondered how I'd look with black hair and eyebrows, especially since I've got the coloring of my Irish and German forbears.
But in the end I chickened out and picked another color, medium brown Age Defy from Clairol.

So easy to use, I didn't need help even though this was only my second time coloring my hair in 46 years.
Okay, let me be completely truthy - I sort of made a little mess around my ears and the back of my neck - HOWEVER, I was half-blind because I had my glasses off.

Here's the BEFORE - my natural, untouched color blend of blonde, gold, brown, red, and gray sparkly silver:

In addition to getting darker, it's gotten curlier, frizzier, and coarser. The Clairol Age Defy color is supposed to help with the frizzy and the coarse, because it's got Pantene in it (and I do like Pantene, it makes my hair feel so nice!).

And now.... TA DAAAAH!!

The new me. Look, no gray!

It's so soft and so much smoother! There aren't a zillion little frizzies on the top of my head!
WOW, it is dark, I've never had dark hair like this before. It looks kind of weird because my eyebrows are mostly blonde and pretty sparse - my friend Amanda said I have Matt Smith eyebrows (Whovians will know what that means).
She is correct.
So I guess I should learn how to use an eyebrow pencil because I have no idea whatsoever.

What do you think?
Which do you prefer?
The light side or The Dark Side?

Au naturel?

Or THIS, softer, smoother, with no gray?

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