Sunday, December 14, 2014

Hey, Macklemore! Can we go thrift shopping? What what what what?

I'm gonna pop some tags
Only got 20 dollars in my pocket...

So around here we have the Uptown Thrift Store.
I love to shop there on a Sunday, because Sunday is Green Bag day.
What it is, you purchase a reusable green bag for about a dollar, as many of them as you want (I have two). Then on Sunday, you take your green bags in, and they'll have a color posted for that (which it was, last Sunday).
Whatever clothes have orange (or whatever color they've chosen) tags can go in your green bags - as much as you can cram in there. When you check out, you're charged by the bagful, which is $5.95.

Electronics and appliances and such count as one green bag (as long as you have an empty green bag).
So Becca and I were getting Joshua some tee shirts (he chews them up - YES, CHEWS - at an alarming rate), and she was checking out the electronics and sees this ginormous teevee priced at $75...with an orange tag.
And I had only filled one of my green bags.

I should mention here that Josh is extremely nearsighted, but he will not tolerate anything on his face or head. No glasses, even with straps. Not happenin'.
And he watches a lot of teevee, because, you know, wheelchair, no walking, no talking, limbs that do not work properly, etc etc. And he's been watching on a 17" flat screen, squinting a lot.

So we scored this monstrosity for FIVE DOLLARS AND NINETY-FIVE CENTS PLUS TAX.
I'm pretty sure you could see it from the moon. It weighs approximately 47,000 pounds and it took me, my dad, my brother, and a dolly to get it from the car to the house - with several bashed knuckles, pulled shoulder and back muscles, and sore arms.

But Joshua will be able to see Scooby Doo in nearly life-size form:
That is, as long as his poor dresser holds up. I'm having my doubts about that.
It looks smaller in this picture than it is in real life. Of course, a lot of you people probably have those big ol' flat screen tvs, but we're used to a smaller scale. And it's not a "flat screen"...from front to back it's about 25 inches.
Did I mention it weighs about eleventy-three tons?


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