Wednesday, July 02, 2014

A challenge.

Most regular bloggers that I know have drafts in their post lists...I have, at present, 51 drafts. I also have 20-30 "secret blog" posts that no one is ever invited to view. Although sometimes pieces of those secret posts make their way over here, usually after I've had time (a few months) to let it settle and think it through. Some of my drafts are a single sentence. Or an idea for a blog title. Some of them...we'll they're so outdated (in draft status for more than 4 years) that I've forgotten where I wanted to go with the idea in the first place. So I have a question and a challenge: Q: How many drafts do you currently have? How old is the oldest one? C: Once a week, take your oldest draft and post it now. Feel free to update it so that you're not referring to "yesterday's" celebrity death of Patrick Swayze or Michael Jackson if you don't want to.
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