Thursday, March 15, 2012

I've got you under my skin...

Okay, so I will be 44 next month. Still young, right? But the crow's feet "laugh lines" (really? mine are more like scowl lines) are only getting deeper and I can't even talk about the state of the skin right under my eyes - it looks like cross-hatching or like I smushed my face into a mesh screen or something.
So as you can imagine I was joyful when I got the opportunity to review some facial products (now if ONLY the bare escentuals people would give me some free stuff to try...).
I got a big package today from Simone France - have you heard of them? I hadn't until now but do yourself a favor (especially if you're in my age group) and check out the website.
I filled out a pretty detailed questionnaire and they tailored a skin-care regimen for me. I was a leeetle concerned at the first moment, because PLEASE you people know how lazy I am that I haven't any spare time for grooming or showering. Luckily for me the fine people at Simone France have some very nice people who are willing to answer questions and guide you through the proper use of the products.
I have been reassured that once I get the routine down, it shouldn't take more than a couple of minutes. I'm okay with a couple of minutes twice a day, especially if it helps me look young and beautiful like they promised.
Okay, they didn't really promise that but SHUTIT I CAN DREAM.
I haven't used bar soap on my face in about a million years, but one of the steps includes a bar soap and MAN it smells gooood! I read the ingredients and it's got like sunflower, palm, coconut, grapefruit seed & rosemary extract.
I also have an exfoliating scrub, toner, moisturizers, and disposable cloths.
AND it's even supposed to remove eye makeup, which is great because usually eye-makeup removers leave me feeling greasy and gross.
So I'll let you know how it goes, otherwise you might not recognize me next time I see you.
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