Sunday, October 24, 2010

How I Spent My Weekend: A Pictorial Essay

I went to visit my dad & stepmom for the weekend -- it was the first time I'd been to their house since they moved out of Town (a small town) and into The Country.
And I DO mean 'country', complete with one-lane dirt (MUD) road and tree-obscured signposts.
It's one of those places you have to get to by landmarks - you know, "turn left when you get to that lightnin'-struck oak tree, which is about a half-mile past the red barn that has the giant rooster weathervane. If you get to where you can see the blue truck still up in the tree from the last tornado, you've gone too far".

It was FABULOUS. Also the first weekend I've not worked in...I don't even know how long.
**please to excuse the pix, they were taken with a camera phone

The pear tree in the backyard is obscenely abundant this year:

I spent a lot of time down at the fishin' hole...

Where I ran into KERMIT!

This dude was in camo - he was right between my feet. Can you see him?
I tried to catch it - I only needed this one and about 500 more to make a nice meal. MMM FROG LEGS:


I wanted to make some Turtle Soup but someone beat me to it:

My offspring knows how to catch her supper too...:

...because Grandpa is a good teacher:

And there were PARACHUTERS!!! I wish you could see these - they were right next to the sun so I had to point & shoot and hope for the best. The tiny black speck? A parachuter!

I feel like a John Denver song.
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