Monday, October 18, 2010

Back to Basics

Aaahhh, I'd forgotten how it is to blog for the sake of...well, blogging.
I know, I know, I'm late to that particular party. Some of you have remained true to your original blogging plan, some have strayed and returned, some have reincarnated and found a new home.

I've resisted returning to regular blogging because I don't have a niche. What's more, I don't WANT one. I don't want to have an "elevator pitch" to blurt out when people ask "what's your blog about?". It's about everything and nothing. It's about anything I want.
It's about kids and disabilities, work and play, it's about how I feel the gas company bending me over every winter and about random stuff that *I* find amusing, whether anyone else gets it or not. It's about inappropriate funeral humor and ranting and soapboxing and bra reviews.

Last night it felt really good to unload some feelings I've been hauling around so that I can deal with them properly. I'd forgotten that I need to examine my issues so that I can fix them. It was like blowing out the cobwebs and I feel ... nicer, today.
Well, relatively speaking.

Nowadays so many blogs are all about the angle, the motive, the monetizing. Hey, that makes no nevermind to me - none of my business. Whatever works for you.
But I remember the days before mommybloggers went rabid over advertisements and logos. The days when tech bloggers often amused us with personal posts. When no one talked CONSTANTLY and INFINITELY about branding and social media and monetize this and that. When there were like 3 blogging conferences a year and they were A Big Deal. (well, they still are A Big Deal to me)
Our once pretty tight community has spread and changed with facebook and twitter.

Remember Michele Agnew's weekend Meet & Greets? Those helped keep me on track with the blogging, because HEY! People were going to come here to say HELLO, MICHELE SENT ME and I needed to have something NEW!
Also I somehow had more time back then.
Now I spend a LOT more time on email - which I love, don't get me wrong. I couldn't get through my day without email from a certain couple of someones who know who they are.
With them, I haven't really needed to blog like I used to. So you can just blame them for my rusty blogskillz.

But yeah, this feels nice. For the moment.

My blog is me, in text form.
What's yours? Has it changed, evolved?
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