Sunday, March 22, 2009

A TOP 10 LIST about SXSW

My friend Lisa wrote a list about South By SouthWest (SxSW) and it made me laugh so hard I wanted to share it.

Also from checking out flickr, the "tech" part of SxSW consisted mostly of drinking and karaoke. Is all I'm saying.

"Top Ten Reasons I Didn’t Go to SXSW" by PPRLisa

10. They filled their “maven” quota before I could register

9. Heard @ChrisBrogan would be performing a belly dance and no one should have to see that

8. The #iRoadTrip guys found me stowing away in the back of the car before they left Detroit

7. I only go to shows with three X’s in them

6. Wouldn’t want to miss all of the unnecessary hashtagging on Twitter by actually participating in the event

5. Was intimidated knowing that I could never out-dress @ScottMonty

4. @marketingprofs and I planned a WAY cooler, secret, invite only virtual social media conference

3. Not everyone in social media’s mom lets them leave the basement for a whole week

2. I heard all the REALLY cool kids were going to the Star Trek convention


1. I enjoy sleep

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