Monday, March 23, 2009


Okay, so I was a leeetle leery when I volunteered my guinea pig services to Mom Central for this blog tour, because Listerine always scared me.

My grandma & grandpa ALWAYS used Listerine and when I spent the night at their house *I* had to use it too.
It was like drinking scalding bacon grease only much less tasty. (Sorry guys, but srsly, 30 years ago you KNOW that's how it was)

ANYWAY. I decided to push my luck & said OKAY, send me the Listerine Total Care to try. I figured at the very least I could use it to punish my daughter for sassing.

HEY, guess what? Still burns...but not as bad as I thought it would. In FACT I compared it to another brand of whitening-type rinse who shall remain nameless but rhymes with Krest and I have to say that the Listerine Total Care was more tolerable. AND does not leave a gooey film in my mouth, which is YUCK, so BIG BONUS POINTS for that.

Helps prevent cavities
Restores enamel
Strengthens teeth (which is cool because I use my teeth for things I shouldn't)(not THAT, perv)
Kills bad breath germs
And fights plaque.

There you go. I like all that stuff because I never had any problems with my teeth until I got pregnant and my children LEECHED(leached?) the LIFE RIGHT OUT OF ME including my teeth.

Go getcha some Listerine Total Care.
No seriously.
You need some mouthwash.
Or at least a tictac.
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