Thursday, October 09, 2008

Join the Qlubb!

Now THIS was a fun thing to review! Mom Central sent me to QLUBB, which is one of the coolest sites I've seen that helps keep things organized.

Do you coach a sports team? Are you a homeroom parent? Setting up the annual family reunion? Organizing a FANTABULOUS EVENT like BOSup '08 (which I will HOPEFULLY be attending! woo!)?

Check out Qlubb. You can set up your own group, whatever name & type you want, then add a calendar & keep everyone informed about what's happening.
You can add photos, send group emails (because people HATE to feel like they're out of the loop if you accidentally leave them off your group email - trust me on this), get automatic reminders, even share the To-Do list.

It's user-friendly - probably even grandma can figure out whether she's supposed to bring potato salad or apple pie to the Big Family Picnic.

Okay, maybe not MY grandma. Or my mom. I don't think either of them knows how to turn the computer on, even.

But YOUR grandma could most likely do it.

I know with the social media set there are ALWAYS tweet-ups and meetings and events...GET ORGANIZED all in one place! Just make your group & send everyone to "". Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

You can thank me later. With chocolates.
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