Friday, November 16, 2007

Putting it into perspective

**EDIT! What you missed last night...

Friday Night Live with Monty: v. CONCERT SERIES (Part One)

Excellent music
Lots and lots (and LOTS!) of wine (Steph, you should've been there!)
Love, love, love
A Mr. Fab-induced giggle fit
A big chesty laugh
Hoss Cartwright
Bea Arthur
Game of the future: SCULPEYOPOLY!

Luckily I uploaded the whole debacle show for you RIGHT HERE.

TUNE IN LIVE next week for PART TWO of the Concert Series.

One of the sites I lurk via bloglines is this wonderful lady, Jill.

Yesterday I read a paragraph that made so much sense to me, it was like a bell in my head and my first thought was simply "EXACTLY!"...I've observed this behavior in people. I think there are many of us who could benefit from her wisdom.
(the bolding is my doing)

"To put it in a simple way, I think excessive optimism is hazardous to a person's mental health. When you put too much trust out, it can come back to you in the form of paranoia. When you expect someone you love to have the same interpretation of a certain positive action or honor, if they don't you experience resentment. Sowing too much perceived "good" does not necessarily reap good in terms of mental health benefits. Both negative and positive feelings should be admitted in a direct way and without expectation that the listener will reply or comply or return in kind, etc. This too is about accountability."

In other, less elegant words...keep it real. Really real, for your own sake.

And (I'm directly admitting that) excessive optimistics get on my nerves sometimes, because I tend toward cantankerousness.

I'm okay with that facet of myself.
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