Sunday, July 29, 2007

The Penultimate Post

ALMOST THERE! I can see the end from here.

Quick recap:
I'm doing the Blogathon!
My charity, in honor of my sweet son, is United Cerebral Palsy!
We are now 23 and One Half hours into the blogathon!
Man, am I freakin' tired!

Have you Sponsored me yet? What's the holdup?
It's tax deductible!
It's a lovely thing to do!
It won't hurt you to give up a couple of lattes this week for charity, will it?
No, of course it won't!

BIG GIANT KUDOS TO all the other Blogathonners and Empire Radio for all the hard work--MOST EXCELLENT!

One more post...then to bed with me. I've left you PLENTY of reading material for the next few days. FORTY EIGHT POSTS WORTH so far.

Please excuse any additional or missing punctuation and/or letters.
I can't really feel my fingertips.
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