Saturday, July 28, 2007


In case you're a little behind, here's what:
A while back I asked for some Opening Lines for the Blogathon, and I will use those to create a very short (and crappy) story or something...story-like.
(if you think of a good Opening Line you'd like for me to use, leave it in the comments!)(and of course, I will link YOUR opening line to YOUR blog)

There are worse things a man could do than clip his toenails all over my favorite comforter, but I can't think of a single one right at the moment.
She looked at the clippings lying there innocently, feeling the rage bubble up inside. Snatching up the offending comforter, Sally stomped to the balcony doors, threw them open with a crash, and gave the comforter a couple of vicious shakes over the railing.
Sally returned to the bedroom, spread the comforter back across the big king-size bed, and lovingly smoothed it...
and felt a sharp sting as something sliced the meaty part of her palm.
"DAMMIT!" she screamed, shaking her hand, looking to see what caused the cut.
And there it was.
A quarter inch wide nail from a big toe, snagged in the delicate fabric.
A queer look came over Sally's face, and she grabbed the scissors, stood behind the bedroom door, and waited for him to come home...
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