Tuesday, July 03, 2007

How lucky can a girl get?

I've seen that pretty pink button around, but I didn't expect to find it here! But there you go, courtesy of two REALLY rockin' girl bloggers, Heather and Finn. To me, what makes this special is the giver(s).

Heather and I have often remarked that we share a brain; we're like two halves of a whole. Our minds seem to run parallel, and our wavelengths match more often than not. You know those stories about twins separated at birth, who grow up and have done all the same things and lived close to the same lives, without ever knowing each other? Yeah, we're kind of like that, only not in a creepy way. I love Heather. You will too, once you get to know her; she's much nicer than me.

And Finn? Oh, Finn. Were I man I would sweep her away into a torrid affair in some romantic setting, and I would have her write stories for me all day long and I would feed her grapes and wine. Beauty, incredible talent...an artist. I love Finn too.

It's always amazing to me--flattering too, yes--when one of these strong, fabulous, talented women offer an award to me...I feel like I'm in a different league (the MINOR minors, or something...what's below the farm team? Because that's the one I'm on). So thank you, thank you, Heather and Finn.

Now, evidently I'm to pass the pink rockin' torch to five others...this part always scares me, because I have to leave people out and I don't like to do that.
But away we go...
(I should note that I tried not to make any duplications)

*and you, yes YOU...you know who you are. I know you hate made-up awards, but I like them so SHUT UP and don't Steal My Sunshine. I say that with love. xoxox

Golfwidow. Her place is called The Ministry Of Silly Walks, and I am, after all, MONTY...how could we NOT go together like peas and carrots? Golfwidow makes me laugh all the time-more often than almost anyone, I think...and did I mention that she's got a great great podcast? No? Consider it mentioned. You're missing out if you don't visit Golfwidow.

Janet. Oooh, I'm a long-time fan of Janet's...she's one of the teacher-people that I wish my daughter could have as head of her class. She's clever, she knows more 80s trivia than even me (and believe me when I say that's somethin'), and she's funny too.
(you may begin to detect a pattern here with the funny stuff)
No schoolmarm she, but a dedicated, smart, multi-faceted woman.

Raehan. A long time staple of mine. Oooh, I love Rae with a deep and abiding passion. She's so many things I'm not...like cool and smooth and a great writer and brilliant and accomplished and many many many other things. Her writing style is like...cream and silk. I don't know how else to describe it. She's fabulous. FABULOUS. In my mind she's always the calmest and steadiest--I would want her with me in a crisis. Or just when I'm scared of the dark.

Thumper. OH, do I love Thumper. She REALLY rocks. Have I mentioned that she's PUBLISHED? And her books are MOST EXCELLENT? She's got such a sense of humor--sometimes it sneaks up on you & catches you off guard, so that you get those sneaky little laughs that bubble out unexpectedly. Thumper is strong and talented, and just an all around amazing gal. Her cats are pretty damn smart, too.

IcePrincezz. Another with whom I share a brain. I've just realized that that only leaves me with a third of a brain...oh well, probably more than I'll ever use anyway. I love IcePrincezz for many reasons--even though I wish she'd UPDATE HER DAMN BLOG MORE OFTEN. I guess I'm hoping this will sort of guilt her into it. Iceprincezz is...you know how sometimes you meet someone and hear that "CLICK" and you feel like you've known them forever and ever? Yeah, that's how it is with her. I treat her worse than family, and I like her ever so much better than them too. Plus she owns Empire Radio (and therefore my shows), so I have to be sort of a suck up. :D (just kiddin', you know I adore the pants off you!)

What are you people still doing here? Didn't I just give you five new rockin' girl bloggers to discover? Shoo!

That is all.
Have a day.
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