Monday, July 30, 2007

Final Thoughts...after a few hours of sleep.

I think the Blogathon is a lot like childbirth.

I mean, last year I participated, had a great time, raised a lot of money (okay, yeah, none of that is at ALL like childbirth, just go with me here). I remember being really tired, but obviously it wasn't so bad that I didn't sign up to do it again.

LAST night, about 18 or 19 hours into the blogathon, I.Was.Wiped.
Seriously. Right, I didn't do the radio thing last year, and I did six hours THIS year, so that added to the whole exhaustion thing.
But there were times when I knew I was going to have to drop out because I was JUST SO TIRED (and in fact I most likely wouldn't have made it if not for Jeckles; he stuck right with me and reminded me to post and kept me company--but don't tell him I said he was a nice guy).

I tumbled into bed at about 9am and slept for three hours...I've sort of been zombified most of the day.

And now it's just after midnight and I feel fine and dandy, and I'm thinking "oh, it wasn't so bad! I will totally do it again next year! No sweat!"

Like childbirth.
Once it's over, you forget about the pain and focus on what you brought to life.

Yeah. Like that.
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