Sunday, May 20, 2007

Outwit, Outlast, Outplay...nah.

Double Shot Friday!
A show you don't want to miss...
Great music! Technical difficulties! Me! A call-in conversation with none other than Jeckles of The Shitty Blogs Club!
And there was a spider on me. Gak.

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Do you dare try to challenge for my title? Or is ya skeeeert?
Yella-bellied coward. Go on. You can try to pry the title from my cold, dead hands.

Sign up today. Read the rules.
(seriously, read the rules. They're the best part so far)

One of the rules is "If you think your blog is too cool to be sullied with this kind of silliness, don't sign up."

I just wanted to add that if you think your blog is too cool for anything...well, perhaps you should let me pull the big stick out of your ass for you and whack you about the head and shoulders with it.
Because that's just sad.

Come on &'ll be like a little ray of sunshine in your normal hum-drummery.
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