Monday, May 28, 2007

Monday Crapola.

first things first...
The podcast is awaiting you:

Come to the MPYR RADIO FORUMS and vote for a featured artist!
Voting is open to all and sundry. I strongly demand! encourage you to vote for my favorite, Bob Gentry.
Angie, this means you. :D

It's amusing and a little bit flattering to be thought of as "The Competition", especially when you had no idea that you were (nor did you even want to be) on the same playing field.

It's also vaguely insulting for the same reason.

Search Term Of The Week:

"What does Carrie Underwood mean by bathroom polo?"
Oh my dear, dear child. Obviously you have yet to experience this phenomenon--or do they only have condom machines in the bathrooms of the dives bars that you frequent?
You should come here more often, it's occasionally educational.
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