Thursday, March 29, 2007

See, now THAT'S funny

Everybody drink, because Gary just said "Deer Creek" about five times.
There is a big circulation there, and possible touchdown.
The Tinker AFB sirens just started screaming at the same time my lights flickered.
Which is weird, because there's no tornadic activity in this area at the moment.

Now I must go stare at the radar screens for awhile.

**UPDATE 2** So far: Oklahoma County, Canadian County, Logan County, Grant County, & Kingfisher County. I'm so going to be drunk before dinnertime.

My horoscope for today:
"It's okay to let down your guard and show all your honest emotions today. When other people have a positive impact on your life, you should let them know. Be prepared to communicate how other people make you feel today, because you will be surrounded by big personalities and bigger acts of generosity. You will experience a wonderful mixture of intimidation, excitement and gratitude. Let these feelings inspire you, and you will be unstoppable."
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