Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Sometimes you just have to laugh...

If I don't get into a diet and exercise routine very soon, I'm going to be legally required to have "Hindenberg" embroidered across the ass of all my pants.
Seriously, the beeping when I back up is annoying enough already.

The bad thing about
A. Being less than...vigilant...about cleaning the microwave
2. Often popping things into the microwave without a plate

is that you can sometimes get some unusual textures and flavors.

Or...so I've heard.

Calling all my beloved computer geeks!
So, my computer crapped out last night. In a normal world, this would probably fall on the large end of the minor annoyance scale.
However, since I do 75% of my job on my home computer, it's just short of disastrous.

Here's what: Right in the middle of working, my monitor went blank. I looked at the processor (a Dell), which has two little green lights on the front, one of which blinks whilst working.
Only this time, one of the lights was out and the other was slowly blinking yellow.

I have no idea if it's a virus or something...mechanical.
I had to actually cut the power to the damn thing to get it to turn off...waited a bit, then tried again. Started up just fine, no problems...then after about 15 minutes it happened again. And then again. And then again this morning.
I tried to run a virus scan and the thing went blank & gave me the yellow light right in the middle. Same thing when I tried to run a computer checkup.

I'm out of ideas.

To my local friends:
Are any of you sufficiently geeky to say things like, "Hey, let me jes' take a look-see at that fer ya"? And then perform exploratory surgery to see what's the problem?

I admit to indulging in a brief moment of self-pity in which I thought why me?, but quickly recovered with a why NOT me? What makes me so extra-special that I should be excused from troubles?
So I sat down to figure out what I could do.

Well, obviously I'm going to have to change my work schedule and work at the Studio instead of home--at least until I can afford to have the computer fixed (or until a beloved computer geek decides to help me out of pure love and the goodness of his/her heart).

My radio show will have to be on temporary hiatus.
This blog will have to be on temporary hiatus, except if I can sneak some time whilst at work.

Nothing earth-shattering. I can handle this. Right?

The lotto is over 60 million for Wednesday's drawing.
I wasted invested five bucks for a chance to win.
Wish me luck.

If I win, you're all coming to Vegas with me for a weekend of debauchery.
I've never been there--first one to debauch me wins a bonus prize. *winky smile*
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