Saturday, February 10, 2007

How do you spell relief?

"What are you thankful for, Pooh Bear?"
"Oh, nothing short of EVERYTHING!"

Okay, so I went to Pep Boys last week to pay for the diagnostic on my car...and as you know, it still wasn't running because it was some sort of electrical problem and they don't do electrical.

I looked at the bill (and nearly swallowed my tongue, because it seemed like a lot of money for telling me they couldn't/wouldn't fix it)...and I noticed a "Miscellaneous Tools" charge for about $5.

What? Is that like a tip or something for the mechanic?
Because the mechanic wasn't there when I went to pay, and the manager couldn't explain to me what that charge was for.

Hey, in my world, five bucks is five bucks.

So they took that charge off my bill. (Go me!)
And THEN, perhaps because I was such a...girl about it (it's a role that I can play when I choose, although it doesn't suit me to be that way all the time)-or maybe he was just embarrassed to have been caught trying to rip me off-the guy gave me an additional 10% off the total. (again, Go Me!)

Then my dad & brother got my car to another place, and they fixed it right up.
So yay, transportation again.

My show on Sunday is going to be really good, so you should make sure to listen.
Or at least download it later. I'm flexible.
(very flexible)(but I'm not bragging)(much)

Shitty Blog Survivor.
Many will enter. One will survive.

 I WON ShittyBlogSurvivor

Remember how much fun I had with the tasks last year? I had to write & sing a little ditty about Shitty Blog Survivor. I did the scavenger hunt. I shamelessly bribed the judges with nudie pics (well, I PROMISED them nudie pics, but I didn't deliver. Such is the nature of being a Shitty Blogger).
And most importantly....I Won. I was the Sole Survivor.

Care to challenge me? Yellow-belly.
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