Thursday, January 11, 2007

Swimming With Sharks

Random Quote: "If you're swimming with sharks and you start to bleed...probably you should get out of the water."
Is all I'm saying.

Whenever I watch particular episodes of Nature and Nova on PBS, I sincerely wish I'd have chosen a career in marine biology.
Though living in OkieLand, that may have been a little difficult.

Sometimes I yearn to live on a houseboat, with the waves rocking me to sleep every night.

Speaking of which...
I have seriously bizarre dreams from time to time. Like every other night. Or so.

LAST night was one of the top five all-time mondo bizarro ones.
So, in the dream I was twins (slender, long-legged, and evidently a great swimmer).
There was this big, muddy, brown...lake? pond? tiny ocean? that we had to swim across just to get anywhere.
Hang on, that's not the weird part.
Or even the weirdEST part.
I'm swimming across the *body of water of whatever sort* and I hear me/my twin call out, "FINN!!"
Then I looked out ahead of me and saw a shark pushing (yes, PUSHING) off from the far shore and coming toward us. Evidently I knew that Finn was a good shark (and see how his name is FINN? Don't ask how I know it's spelled with two Ns, I just do), and he was coming to stave off any trouble. See, there was a bad shark named Carl that harrassed us (well, tried to eat us, whatever) every time we swam across.
There was also a bad octopus named Gordo that was in league with Carl.

My sister was ALWAYS the one to call for Finn's help, never me. I turned to her (in the water) and called out, "Is it Carl? Or Gordo? Are you okay?"--I was peering through the murky water to try & see one of them, and was feeling a little scared-- and then I swam with a gorgeous breast stroke (not a single bit out of breath, even!) and Finn nudged me along the last couple-hundred feet to the shore before going after me/my twin.

Then I had to turn back a page in the book because I felt like I'd missed something.

So I was READING the book, and I was IN the book, which wasn't a book at all when I was IN it.

TWO THINGS: I don't even know how to do the breast-stroke, and I don't know anyone named either Carl (or Karl, for that matter) or Gordo.

Anyone want to try to decipher THAT????
Me neither.

No, I didn't watch any programs or read any books about sharks recently (except for SHARK--that show about the lawyers with James Woods, but that was last Thursday). I didn't eat any weird and/or spicy food before going to bed.
I did not have any alcoholic beverages.

Could be I'm just losing it. That actually sounds pretty reasonable.

Randomness for random's sake:
Five musicals to which I know most of (if not ALL) the songs by heart:
1. The Sound Of Music
2. Buffy, The Musical (Buffy The Vampire Slayer)
3. Seven Brides For Seven Brothers
4. Grease (the original, not the crappy sequel)
5. State Fair

Oh yes, there are MORE...lots more...
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