Tuesday, December 19, 2006


"Your friendships are the strong, colorful threads that weave the beautiful tapestry of my life." --aka_Monty

Where do I begin?

I begin, I suppose, with a Thank You.
To whom? To ALL OF YOU.
Even though the words "Thank You" are far too small to express what I want to say.
I would say it to each of you individually, but you have stymied me, you wonderful anonymous benefactors.

I was going to go with a whole Sally Field "You like me! You really like me!" thing, but...this is bigger, better, deeper than that.

I went to the mailbox this morning, feeling pretty good, since my boss gave me a little Christmas bonus yesterday and I was busy planning how to spend it, thinking on what little extra thing I could give my children.

I reached into the mailbox and withdrew a card addressed in red ink. No return address.
I didn't think that was unusual, because lots of people don't put a return addy on cards.

I smiled, wondering who it was from, and opened the envelope as I walked across the crunchy leaves in my front yard.
I smiled, reading the card, anticipating the inside, wondering who the card was from.


A Gift Card. An extravagantly generous, unexpected, and wonderful Gift Card.
With no names.

I stood on the front porch in disbelief, knees weak, crying, smiling at the sky, thanking you in my heart and my mind. I think my heart grew so big with love for you that it spilled out all over my porch.

I could not speak.
I am undone by your love, your generosity, your caring.
I wish I knew any words big and powerful enough to convey what I felt at just that moment. What I'm still feeling.

And I mean that.

You make me rich beyond my wildest dreams.
In the history of the world, has anyone ever had better friends than I have?
I think not.
My children would thank you if they could, because they're in for a very, very Merry Christmas this year.
Thank you. I love you, each and every one.

OH and PS How in the hell did you manage to keep such a secret from me? :)

OH and PPS Wouldn't you like to reveal yourself to me?

PPPS Please?
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