Saturday, November 18, 2006

Too bad they're not prophetic...

So I had this dream last night involving James Spader. Although it was more the Stargate James than the Boston Legal James...but either way, I wouldn't kick him out for eatin' crackers in bed.
We were on some private jet or something and we were talking about our scars (okay, that's weird), and then he took my hand & kissed it.
I'm not going to give you all the naughty details, but there was some...stuff going on. Not on the plane, though. Dammit. I wanted to be in the Mile High Club.
Next thing I know we're in love and the REASON I know is because he told me, as he was driving me to some girl-only party at a country club or something.
*dreamy sigh*
Get to the country club or whatever it was--bunch of skinny girls in scanty clothing dancing around everywhere and I realize that I'm wearing jeans and a jacket and I'm horribly underdressed. Figures.
Then one of my girlfriends gets kidnapped or something and it just got too weird and I woke up.
I totally tried to fall back asleep & back into the part of the dream with James, but it didn't happen.
But for a moment, he loved me.

Speaking of celebrities, did I ever mention that Jeremy Irons makes me tingly in all my secret places?
Because he does.

If you're having a problem with ants, it probably isn't smart to put on banana-flavored lip balm before you go to bed.
Is all I'm sayin'.

Have a day.
That is all.
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