Monday, October 16, 2006


Did anyone watch last night's edition of Extreme Home Makeover, with the Bliven family?
That boy in the wheelchair, Aaron? Could've nearly doubled for my boy.
Only mine's cuter. :) (except for maybe that time I cut his hair & he looked like Lloyd Christmas)

I cried buckets. I mean full-on boo-hoo sobbing.
Every other minute I burst into fresh tears.
And I was...I'm not sure if comforted is the right word, but it's watch them struggle with the exact same issues I face every day.
It made me feel connected to them, or something like that.

The hardships of carrying and lifting and bathing and living with a son with those particular disabilities, with CP and seizure disorder...whacking his head or legs against the doorframes, no matter HOW careful you try to be...I could only nod my head and say yes, yes, oh yes. I get it.

And then I thanked God for blessing that family with that amazing new home, and the people who built it.
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