Monday, September 11, 2006

Mixed MIXMANIA Emotions

As my very wise friend Chaz of DUSTBURY.COM said:
"This isn't a day to point fingers: this is a day to bow heads."

Our MIXMANIA task for this month is all about MIXING our emotions regarding this day five short years ago.
JIM says our mix should be "Music that reflects your fear, your sadness, your rage, your confusion, your sympathy for the victims and their families, your sense of what the fuck or what the fuck is it now?"
For me, none of the emotions have faded.
They are still so deep and entangled that I am unable to articulate them well, even now, even with music.

I was/am enraged. Horrified. Shocked. Sad. Distraught. Pro-war. Anti-war. Everything all rolled up into one ME.

The emotions that loom largest are grief, the sense of tragedy and senselessness of the act; so many of my choices are ones that make me weepy or are just...senseless (ie Scream Thy Last Scream).
I ended up with a lot of Peter Gabriel & Pink Floyd, for some reason.

Of course, after I sent it, I thought of about 3 more songs I should've added.
Hope you enjoy it-or at least maybe relate to it, if you got mine.

Disc 1

1. Amazing Grace ~ Boyz II Men
2. One Tin Soldier ~ Coven
3. A Flight And A Crash ~ Hot Water Music
4. Bittersweet Symphony ~ The Verve
5. My Hand, My Heart ~ Russell Crowe
6. I Grieve ~ Peter Gabriel
7. Wish You Were Here ~ Pink Floyd
8. Forever Young ~ Joan Baez
9. Imagine (Acoustic Guitar) ~ John Lennon
10. Games Without Frontiers ~ Peter Gabriel
11. Full Of Grace ~ Sara McLachlan
12. Scream Thy Last Scream ~ Syd Barrett (w/Pink Floyd)
13. Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me ~ George Michael (w/Elton John)
14. Killing In The Name Of... ~ Rage Against The Machine
15. The Fightin' Side Of Me ~ Merle Haggard
16. Adagio For Strings ~ Samuel Barber


1. Every Time We Say Goodbye ~ Nina Simone
2. War Again ~ Oingo Boingo
3. Dead Bodies Everywhere ~ KoRn
4. Goodbye Blue Sky ~ Pink Floyd
5. All Along The Watchtower ~ Jimi Hendrix
6. Winds Of Change ~ Scorpions
7. Nemo ~ Nightwish
8. Suite Madame Blue ~ Styx
9. God Bless The USA ~ Lee Greenwood
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