Friday, August 04, 2006

Big Mess O' Crap

Did I tell you my sister is preggo? The married one that I used to work with.
I'm going to be an aunt. I'm pretty excited about it...but my current PMS makes me feel like "I'm going to be JUST as nice to her kid as she's been to mine"...which is to say not at all.

Of course I won't really be like that. But still, I get pissed when she's rude to my daughter~sometimes they fight like they were the same age. For crap's sake.

I'm looking forward to the little brat's baby's arrival. Mostly for payback, because my sister doesn't really like kids. But it'll be nice having a baby around that I can give back when it cries.

I'm SICK SICK SICK SICK with anger and disgust.
People who scam the elderly should be put to death by slow, torturous means. In fact, they should be kept barely alive so that they can be tortured over years and years, sort of like a prelude to Hell.

Which is where I'm hopeful they will burn for all eternity.

My grandma. Mrs. Claus is what she looks like~all short and round and cheery.

Not too bright when it comes to today's world...what I mean is she's naive.
So when some asshole calls and says he's from her bank and that someone has been withdrawing money from her account and they'll replace it with a thousand dollars as soon as she gives them her bank account number, she gives them the information.

I am FURIOUS with my grandma.
She never watches the news, she doesn't think people are untrustworthy, she...she...I DON'T KNOW I'M SO FUCKING PISSED OFF.

I think HOW could she be so stupid? Why would someone from the bank need for her to tell them her account number? Shouldn't they have that information?

But it never occured to her to doubt the "Bank" representative.

And this is what makes me the angriest at Grandma: She thinks mom and I are WRONG about her being scammed.

So banks just give out free money now to "pay you back"??

We told her that she needed to CALL HER BANK and CLOSE HER ACCOUNT (not that there's anything left in there by now I'm sure, but her Social Security is auto-deposited)...she just went "Eh!" and waved us off with her chubby little hand.

Like killing angry, almost.
I want to cry. I want to scream. I want to throw up.

So we had to tell my uncle...and he's got a volatile temper and isn't nice on his best day.
He and I are a lot alike, except I don't yell at old people. It's rude.
Anyway. Grandma didn't want us to tell him because he bitches at her all the time we had my dad tell my uncle, along with the added threat that if he (uncle T) yelled at grandma in his usual crazed manner, dad would whip his ass.

Man, my family is swell.

I want to shake my grandma until her (false) teeth rattle.
I want to hunt down the perpetrators and beat them bloody. And then do it again.
And again.

switching gears...

I'm off to Texas shortly to drop my kids with the Sperm Donor.

I get to see my fabulous wonderful pal JULES, and hopefully IVY as well.

I wanted to see JIM, but he's going to be a little too far away. :(

Maybe next time...*winky wink*

I know it's disappointing, but you're going to have to carry on without me this weekend.
Boohoo...actually I'm more wondering how I will make it without YOU.

I'll be thinking of you...some of you more intimately than others.
But I ain't a-sayin' which is which. :)
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