Tuesday, August 15, 2006

apropos of nothing.

I touched the boob on the mannequin today.
Two times.

The hottie that works two doors down (Roger The Investigator) just walked by my window.
Two times.

When I was young, I could not sleep if
A. The closet door was open
2. The bedroom door was shut

My daughter MUST sleep with her bedroom door shut and the closet door open.


I think I just ate a gnat.
Accidentally, of course.

I think Lindsay Lohan has never actually seen a pin-up girl.
If that's what she aspires to be, she's going to have to eat a couple sammiches or something. Maybe a sundae. Some chips, even.
Is all I'm saying.

My "." has gone missing, and I'm afraid that my life will be just one long run-on sentence, complete with PMS and an excess of commas, until it decides to return

And I guess I didn't eat the gnat after all because it just did a kamikaze dive toward my eye, faked me out, and headed into my nostril

That was totally fun, especially when I blew snot all over the monitor in an effort to expel the gnat

I'd say 'that is all', but without certain punctuation how can we possibly be sure that that truly is all?
Thank heavens for question marks!
And exclamation points!
You see what I mean?
Have a day!
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