Sunday, July 30, 2006

Reader's Digest Condensed Version

If you don't see me for a couple of days, remember that I just posted about 7 weeks worth of crap all in one day and night.
You've got PLENTY to read.
And Comment On.

A brief summation of the last 24 hours (this does not excuse you from reading the rest):

I have decided to marry MAMACITA'S son. She and I will watch Disney movies and drool over our British fellas together every day.

There was dancing.
And jumping jacks.

And running nekkid around the house.

There was singing.

THUMPER won an iTunes Gift Card in a random drawing.

There was nonsense.
There were some summer re-runs.

There was some shitty poetry.

There were gorgeous pictures of my handsome son.

There was much love, much companionship, and new friend making.

I had a blast.

All in all, a fabulously successful 24 hours.

Thank you, one and all.

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