Saturday, July 29, 2006

The First Of FORTY EIGHT. Scary.

It's nearly 8am and I'm excited that today is BLOGATHON DAY!

(You can still SPONSOR ME for the rest of the weekend!)

Vanilla Chai Spice creamer is AWESOME.

This will not set the tone for the entire day's worth of postings, but there are a couple of things I need to address:

Dear Self,

Seriously, WTF? The one time I really really need a good night's sleep, you refuse to cooperate. What's up with waking me every 30 minutes or so, all night long? And then deciding at five a.m. you were finished with even trying to sleep.
I'm tired, don't you understand? And I'm going to be up all night.
You are so going to pay for this.


For those of you who sent emails wondering about the phone sex remark in my previous post, all I can tell you is that you should have been listening to Shitty Blog Radio.
I sent an email for the MailBag portion of the show, and Jeckles read it on the broadcast:

Dear Jeckles,
Today a mannequin fell on me when I was at work.
And I stubbed my toe.
And my computer went all weird and when I tried to stream your show,
it kept trying to open the show with Dell Jukebox which stalls out
every 30 seconds so all I got to hear at first was something about
sexually harassing Mango.
If I get a vote then I vote YES on that. On video, if you please.

So I finally got the show to stream correctly, and then this guy calls
and wants to have phone sex and I troubles me that I had a hard time
deciding whether I'd rather do that or listen to the show.

Sorry I missed the majority of your broadcast.
Then it turns out that the phone call was a wrong number, but oh well,
too late now.

I need a cigarette.

That is all.

It was completely made up.
I thought it was funny, that's why I wrote it.
No, I did not really have phone sex. Even with a wrong number.
Email me about something else, if you please.
Thank you. :)

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