Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Did you ever see...

...that old sketch on SNL called "The Thing That Wouldn't Leave"??

Guess who's back for another night? WAI, that's who!
I see that I've corrupted him; he's blogging like a pro and talking about boogers and brain-farts.
Is it any wonder that I adore him?

I have a love/hate relationship with computers. I work on one at the office and play on another at home. They were supposed to make our lives easier and reduce waste. But they haven't. Not only have they made our lives busier, and they've increased paper waste ten-fold. I've also gone through 8 computers since I started building my own 12 years ago. Talk about your waste. Oh, I never just threw them out; I gave them away to my friends and their kids. But I wised up - I bought a laptop this last go-'round, which happened to have gone obsolete a week after I received it in the mail. *sigh* So, immediately I went buying the upgrades for it. A small fortune spent, but it was worth it. I hate having spent so much money (over the years) on something with so short a life-cycle. But I have to love them because they help me do my job and they've helped me meet all of you here.

I need some ice cream. I don't just want ice cream; I need it. Not that I NEED it need it. I mean, I won't die if I don't get some, but I need it in the sense that I have this overwhelming desire to have some. I need it to get a quick brain-freeze. And I have found out through experience that ice cream works best. Breyers. Vanilla. I need to freeze my brain. Because I've been having brain-farts all day long. Perhaps if I freeze my brain-farts, they'll fall out my nose in booger form. And then no more brain-farts. For awhile.
(**ED NOTE: I *heart* ice cream. It's my favorite food ever)

I need a vacation with no particular place to go. I love my job but it is stressful. I get 3 ½ days off this weekend; I have to work half a day on Saturday. Then I'm free! I'm driving up to the Catskills and hiding out in the woods. Maybe I'll bring my tent. I'm staying with a friend, but I just might decide to sleep outside. Maybe I'll bring my pellet gun and pick off chipmunks in the morning. Ornery bastards. I had one almost run up my pant leg once. Looking for nuts maybe? I wonder what chipmunk tastes like...
(**ED NOTE: Both of us on vacation at the same time...coincidence? *wink wink*)

Okay, I got myself a lime green Italian Ice. I'm expecting lime green boogers. No no. No pictures. That would be so so wrong on so many different levels.
(**ED. NOTE: Seriously. Good choice. About the no pictures, I mean)

Wai, I think you play me better than I do. Thanks for being here!! *smooch*
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