Thursday, April 20, 2006

Aw, yous guys...

Things I Am Thankful For Today (and every day, really):
And most especially

THANKS SO MUCH for all the kind words and birthday wishes yesterday.
I'll have you know that you spoiled my bad mood completely. :)
I ♥ you.

To continue....
Here's my pal MIKEY'S entry into the contest.
Sounds like a ROCKIN' good time!!
Bonus points for including the kids. :)
**random drawing will be held for the winner on FRIDAY

How Monty and I Celebrated Her Birthday

The celebration of Monty's birthday was a two-part event. First we had a party for her earlier in the day so the kids could participate. She always thinks of her kids first. That is one of her qualaties that I like. It was a lot of fun playing games, until we played "Pin The Tail On The Donkey." Monty is still mad at me when it was my turn to be blind-folded. I can still hear her yelling "It's Pin the tail on the donkey! Not pin the tail on Monty!!

After the kids' party broke up, the guests were gone, and her kids were in bed, it was time for Monty and I to celebrate her birthday. We listened to a little music, danced a bit to some slow tunes, had some "adult punch," and discussed world politics. I had brought with me, besides the flowers and a gift, a small cake. After I lit the candles, we had removed the batteries from the smoke detectors just to be safe, I sang "Happy Birthday" in a voice that sounded like Kermit the Frog gargling peanut butter, it was time for her to blow out the candles. Maybe because she was tired or a little bit tipsy, she had difficuly blowing out the candles. So I bent forward to help her. Because my lips were pursed, she thought I was trying to steal a kiss. (I was.) She leaned forward some more and lost her balance and she fell face first into half of the cake. I too was leaning forward because I thought she was going to return the kiss. (Was she?) You guessed right. I too ended up face first in the other half of the cake.

Well as we were looking at each other with our faces covered with cake and icing, we couldn't help but break out in hysterical laughter. Luckily, neither Jules nor Ivy was there with a camera. (Those pics would be all over Blogdom by now.) Each thinking that the other was still looking for a kiss, we leaned forward toward each other again. But when our lips touched we each tasted the cake. Well, the cake was so good that we continued to taste the cake from each other's faces. I can still hear her yelling, "Hey there was no cake there!" I'll bet she can still hear me yelling, "There was no cake there either!"

Suddenly I had to yelp in in pain. I yelled, "It's pin the tail on the donkey, not on Mike!"

I guess you can say that we proved you can have your cake and eat it too! All in all, you can say we had a great time. It was a most memorable birthday. The rest of the evening was ... well ... private. Monty and I both promised not to eat cake and tell! We will not talk any more about pinning and tails.

Thanks Mikey. I had a blast.
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