Friday, February 24, 2006

I am the pimp/ho

**My delightful tenant from Whatchu Tawkin' Bout is going through some struggles right now...please go spread a little sunshine in that special way that only you can do.

Now this is an award I really want to win!

I have been nominated for "Most likely to have found a clue but not to have recognized it for what it is".

I nominated myself for that category.
As of yet, I have no opposition.
Go me!
Now you go nominate some people for these awards over at Tommy's Place.

Some more stuff that you could give a shit about:

1. Sometimes I like to shout "CONSTANT VIGILANCE!" for no apparent reason.
2. If you're a Harry Potter fan, that will make more sense to you.
3. I actually dated a guy for a while that I called "Mad-Eye"...behind his back, naturally.
4. Because he had a glass eye.
5. Which was a little creepy.
6. I dated a string of "J" names, all in a row: Josh, Joe, Jay, Jerry, Jaysen, and Jason.
7. That was weird.
8. My ex-husband AND my babies' daddy both: were left handed, adopted, brown haired, brown eyed, played golf, and spent time in the military.
9. Which is also creepy when I think about it. I have since changed my taste in men.
10. I have dated more left handed men than most people ever meet.

That is all.
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