Thursday, November 03, 2005


Yes kiddies, it is time once again for that Show of Shows...

Flashback Thursday!

Can't you just feel the excitement. Oh yeah.

but first...
So busy this time for blog-reading. I look forward to catching up with all of you this weekend. I have not forgotten you.

From "The Year Of The Zoloft"...

I find it interesting that some people are so self-important that they'll take 'credit' for just about anything, whether it REALLY had anything to do with them or not. How gauche.

Do people still drink hot tea with milk and sugar in it? Because I've recently developed a taste for it, for some strange reason...

Why don't some men understand that 'NO' really does mean 'NO'? I was thinking about some of the men I've dated in the last year and a man, they all had a fascination with my back. Or my skin. Or something. Every hug seemed to involve hands (not mine!) sliding under the back of my shirt.
This makes me uncomfortable, unless it is done by someone I'm sleeping with (or anticipating sleeping with).
OR (and this REALLY gets my goat)...the fucking tickling. My skin is very sensitive and I'm very ticklish. Now, WHY O WHY do men persist in touching me in EXACTLY the spots I say NOT to because they're so ticklish? It is NOT fun for me. My sides are sensitive to a light touch. My back. My feet. My belly. ALL very ticklish spots for me. (unless I'm in the 'heat of the moment', that is).
So why, when I say, "That tickles, please don't do that", do they IMMEDIATELY do it again?
Now, if I'm in an intimate situation with someone (that involves partial or full nudity), that's different. But if you're just getting to know someone...
It's disrespectful, in my mind. Do my wishes count for NOTHING? Do some men suddenly go deaf when they hear the words 'NO', 'DON'T', or 'STOP'? Am I over-reacting?
I try to be nice...the first couple of times. After that, they'd better hide their nuts.
So there.

Today was a Krabby Patty day...
by which I mean that I was 'krabby'.
My new bumpersticker:
Honk if you hate customers


Man, I was bitchy last year.

Oh, wait.... ;)
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