Sunday, September 04, 2005

*Imagine me crying real tears of real joy*

Oh. My. Damn.
LOOKIE WHAT I WON!!!!Best Humor Blog. ME!! Wow. I'm almost speechless! is just so unexpected! It was an honor just to be nominated. I didn't even prepare a speech because I was up against so many fabulous, amazing blogs that I didn't expect to win. But I did write this down on my cocktail napkin, just in case...

I'd first like to thank Mike from Okie Doke, without whom this award would not even exist.
I would also like to personally thank each and every Okieland blogger who cast their vote for little ol' me. (Your checks will be in the mail shortly)

And I want to give a huge CONGRATULATIONS to the following people on the awards that they so deservedly earned.
Please take a few minutes to stop by and offer them a word of congratulations. They are all fabulous, as are all the blogs who were nominated. I loved visiting each one.

Thank you, my fellow bloggers!

Best Overall Blog - Cutting to the Chase
Best Political Blog - BatesLine
Best Family Blog - Sleeping Mommy
Best Audio Blog - iROK Radio
Best Blog Layout - Fistful of Fortnights
Best Unusual Blog - Tom Coburn is a Big Fat Jerk
Best Writing Blog -
Best Culture Blog - Reflections in d minor
Best Inspirational Blog - An Audience of One
Best Commercial Blog - Oklahoma Wine News

Well done, everyone! I'm flattered to be in such company.
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