Wednesday, September 21, 2005


The world is turning too fast for me...

I overslept...*sigh*

I forgot to finish filling out the fundraiser order form...that was due today...*sigh*

In my rush to get home from work last night to watch the BB finale, I neglected to go to the grocery store for a couple of I went this morning at the ass-crack of dawn...*sigh*

and this is the worst...

I saw my daughter this morning on the way to school (I left right after she did)...riding double on a bike...with. a. boy.

There she was, perched on the seat with a helmet carefully placed atop her head, holding the shoulders of a husky young lad who was pedaling for all he was worth.

And my daughter was in a skirt.

I almost cried.

I had a sudden flash-forward vision...a slightly older and slightly huskier young lad in motorcycle boots, with my daughter riding behind on a Harley...

I thank God that my vision showed no (visible) tattoos.
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